Not all car accidents are due to negligence and driver error. There are some that are related with stability issues. Rollover accidents are one of the deadliest that drivers may encounter on the road. Rollovers happen when the car’s center of gravity coupled with a narrow track makes it unstable in fast turns or sharp changes of direction. While they only account for 2.1% of the nearly 9.1 million accidents in 2010, rollovers accounted for nearly 35% of all deaths from vehicular accidents.

According to the website of Crowe & Mulvey, LLP, rollover accidents occur when the driver loses control of the wheel causing the car to flip over several times. SUVs are the most prone to roll over given their high center of gravity. Aside from the center of gravity, rollover crashes are speed related. Figures from revealed that 40% of fatal rollover crashes were due to excessive speeding.

Another cause of rollover accidents is alcohol impairment. When the driver is intoxicated, it increases their chances of losing control of their vehicle. Alcohol can heavily affect judgment, muscular coordination, and vision. When the driver’s blood alcohol concentration is higher than the required 0.08. this can cause impairment of the driver’s judgmernt skills.

Appleton personal injury attorneys of Habush Habush & Rottier, S.C, will tell you that road conditions can also have a huge impact on rollover accidents. Especially in rural areas where the roads are undivided and without barriers, rollover accidents are quite likely as shown by the nearly ¾ of rollover accidents in rural areas.

Finally, data compiled by the NHTSA revealed that 90% of car rollover crashes were due to routine driving maneuvers such as going straight or negotiating a curve. This goes to show that the behavior of the driver can have a huge impact in rollover crashes.