A new study reveals the effects of distracted driving have on the human body. It is common knowledge that distractions such as text messaging or taking calls. Research by the Foundation for Traffic Safety reveals that 16% of all fatal crashes were due to distractions and that latency lasts an average of 27 seconds. Unfortunately, distracted driving has also led to the injury or death of the other driver.

A new study by the Transportation Institute revealed that doing two things at the same time while on the road can lead to stress on the part of the driver. This is the reason for the dip in driving performance. According to Robert Wunderlich of the Texas A & M Transportation Institute, when people take their eyes off the road, their performance deteriorates. Rhode Island personal injury lawyers will tell you that these distractions cause drives to lose focus on the road.

The new study also revealed that texting is not the only distraction that can cause stress on the part of the driver. When we drive while upset, the tendency is for the driver to mismanage their speed, ignore speed limit, or even cross the white line, the study concluded. Such behavior can lead not only the driver but also pedestrians and other drivers to get hurt in an accident.

Working with the University of Houston and the University of Michigan, the aim of the Texas A & M study is to help motorists become better drivers. The researchers used a driving simulator to gather data on what really transpires when drivers are not focused on the road. The study will next focus on drivers in real-life situations and their behavior in traffic. For Wunderlich, they wanted to use technology to actually tell themselves that such devices is actually dangerous especially in driving.