Drunk driving is a felony offense that can have serious consequences on the part of the driver as well as passengers and other vehicles. It is already common knowledge that alcohol and drinking do not mix. Figures released by MADD revealed that at least 28 people die due to drunk driving accidents. Although efforts have been implemented to prevent DUI, their negligent action has placed innocent lives at risk. Unless preventive measures are put in place, drunk driving carries with it serious criminal repercussions. In order to become part of efforts to lessen the number of drunk driving incidents, here are some tips on preventing drunk driving:

  1. Be a responsible driver. Responsibility means knowing how much alcohol you have already consumed. This is very important if you still need to drive a long way. If possible, let the alcohol content drop first before you go.
  2. Strictly implement DUI laws . It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle if your blood alcohol content exceeds the allowable limit of 0.08% BAC. Drunk driving carries with it different consequences which includes jail time so be aware of these laws
  3. Drink moderately. If you cannot do away with drinking alcoholic beverages, your best bet is to drink in moderation. Drinking as if there is no tomorrow can have serious ramifications.
  4. Choose an alternative ride. Instead of driving your car when drunk, you can have another non-drunk driver take you home. Likewise, you can call for a taxi to take you to your destination.

The prevention of DUI accidents is every driver’s responsibility. The website of www.kff-law.com reveals that most accidents are preventable if driver’s would only practice responsible driving. Alcohol can affect a driver’s ability to react to happenings on the road. So don’t drink and drive at the same time.