Many Americans have grown to love and appreciate the growing craft beer industry. These beers offer different flavors and a level of quality that many large brewers simply cannot provide. Although you may be tempted to call any beer that doesn’t come in a 12-pack of cans a craft beer, there are actually standards and qualifications that a brewery must meet in order to be considered a craft brewery. Understanding these differences will not only give you a newfound appreciation for these breweries, but it can also help you identify the breweries you enjoy and wish to support. The beer specialists at have created a brief overview of all of the elements to understand about craft breweries.

Approximately 78% of adults that are of legal drinking age live within 10 miles of a brewery. This indicates the growing number of craft breweries across the United States and the increasing availability to most consumers. A large number of craft breweries have helped to spread the word about craft beer. However, this is not enough to keep the craft beer industry afloat. By learning to recognize a craft brewery in your area, you can help support this industry and the beers that you have come to love. Some of the factors which most clearly indicate a craft brewery include:

  • Size: craft breweries are small companies that produce 6 million barrels of beer or less each year
  • Ownership: these breweries are typically owned by independent brewers
  • Production: craft breweries should produce primarily beers which derive their flavors from traditional or innovative ingredients and fermentation
  • Innovation: craft beers typically blend traditional styles with unique flavors or other factors, which make them unlike any other

Each of these elements indicates what makes the quintessential craft brewery. Additionally, in the summer of 2017, the Brewers Association released a seal for independent brewers. This image of an upside-down beer bottle verifies that the beer you are drinking is made and sold by a craft brewery.

It is important to support and protect the craft beer industry, as it has permanently changed the way we think about and drink beer. There a wide variety of flavors and beer types that were previously unheard of before independent brewers entered the scene. This has only allowed the beer available to the public to improve in quality and style. It has also helped to create an important economic market across the United States, which supports thousands of individuals and their families.

Although drinking craft beers is an exciting new way to experience the joys of beer, we can’t all afford to go to local breweries or bars when we want a drink. For this reason, companies like Growler Chill are helping bring craft beers into your home. Their invention allows you to keep growlers of beer cool and fresh for an extended period of time, and it provides the on-tap experience in your own home. With their help, craft beer may be able to become a staple in every home.