When someone nears the twilight of his life, it is important to ensure that their remaining years will be as comfortable as possible. As one reaches old age, the first thing that comes to their mind is to plan for their eventual death. Chicago elder law attorneys understand the importance of planning for the end of one’s life while they can still can. Planning for the future is an important decision that the family and friends of the elderly should carefully make.

One of the most important plans that a senior citizen should make to prepare for the end of their life is advanced care. Planning for health care is aimed at ensuring that the elder’s wishes about future care are taken into consideration and granted. When one gets old, treatment can be difficult so having a plan can make care for the elderly easy. A good care plan should address the following:

  • Management of pain and other symptoms
  • Provision of cultural, emotional, and spiritual support
  • Allow family members to make important decisions about treatment options
  • Help care givers know possible expectations
  • Provide support for the family during the bereavement process

Another important process in end of life planning is the preparation of the necessary paperwork. This includes the preparation of the will and the division of the estate. Other important activities in this stage include gathering financial and legal accounts such as insurance policies, deeds, income tax returns, credit cards, bank accounts, and others.

The death of a loved one can be a tumultuous stage and could cause chaos especially in determining who gets what. For this reason, it pays to have an advanced plan so that the process of wealth distribution, estate planning, and others can be done in a legal manner. This way, the deceased can truly rest in peace.